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About Rio Modular Kitchen Gallery

  • We design the kitchens having a Modern,well equipped and organised look.
  • Our designs cater to good amount of easy-to-access storage for all equipments and ingredients.
  • Our materials cater to all categories of budgets-Low,Medium & high.
  • Our swanky designs provide matching themes & colours to kitchen islands and new age appliances.
  • Please visit and discover Modular Kitchens of various brands in Rio Modular Kitchen Gallery.
  • Very conveniently located-Just 3 Minutes away from either D.N Nagar Metro Station or Azad Nagar Metro on the main J.P. Road

Our Goals

‘Kitchens’ have become an area of increasing interest and investments in urban households. For that, Rio modular kitchen is here to provide some fresh and easy kitchen style ideas


RIO KITCHEN helps its clients with a budget to create modular kitchen at best possible price.


Our USP ( unique selling point) is that Rio Kitchen is a multi-brand setup. Be it hardware, fittings, appliances, etc. we are capable to offer our clients the brand they want for their modular kitchen.

Our Services

Our professional and highly experienced designers visit the residence of the clients, design the kitchen and also suggest the best possible options available. We also take into account the clients’requirements while finalizing the designs. All this work is done free of charge to our clients.

Our designers also help our clients to get the CIVIL WORK done as per the clients requirements and benefits. Designers can even help in selecting matching tiles and granite according to the design.